A Donation Invitation

Hi everyone.

On August 25th the WordPress subscription (WordPress call this an upgrade) for this blog will expire. This upgrade includes design features, the absence of advertising, and free domain name.

If you would like to donate to a new 12 month subscription plan, please use the donate button at the top right hand of the blog.

Because the upgrade will cease from August 25th, this blog will revert to a basic free WordPress formate from August 26. Once I have the money, from my own limited reserves and (hopefully) some donations, I’ll upgrade.

Anything you can give, however small, will help. The subscription costs USD$99. Any currency is welcome, though it will need to be entered as Great British Pounds. Currently 1USD is around 77 British pence (as of August 17).

Thanks everyone.


About Andrew

I am journeying through life practicing a Christian spirituality. I am also an Oblate of the World Community for Christian Meditation. View all posts by Andrew

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