Ten Bulls 10: In The World

10. In the World

The contemplative and the active are one.

This is compassion without fatigue.

Divine energy is all there is.

There is no observer; attention is now.

The fearless are love being Love in the world.

‘Every Christian is called to be a reincarnation of Christ’[1].

We are all saints, fully revealed and on our way; always beginning.

Together we are the body of Christ: this is community.

The risen Jesus ate fish and so can we[2].



[1] John Main, The Way of Unknowing, 128.

[2] John 21:4-14.

About Andrew

I am journeying through life practicing a Christian spirituality. I am also an Oblate of the World Community for Christian Meditation. View all posts by Andrew

2 responses to “Ten Bulls 10: In The World

  • Richard

    I’ve loved this series and these radically simple lines are really grounding. Writing like this is part of the delight of being in a world wide community.


    • Andrew

      It’s all a part of a development that started about three years ago after a conversation with Fr. Laurence. Still looking at how it all could be improved. Thanks Richard for your thoughts…


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