“Put your thoughts to sleep, do not let them cast a shadow over your heart’ (Rumi)

Coming Soon:

A New Book

‘Hold The Rope, Carry Your Cross: Christianity and the Ten Bull Pictures of Zen’

Pictures by Carlos Siqueira, text by Andrew McAlister

With a foreword by Laurence Freeman OSB

Some News….

The book has been picked up by the Fontaine Publishing Group. First step will be an interior design and cover review. This will take around four weeks. After this, the book will become available via print-on-demand and ebook options through Amazon, Apple, Google, as well as other online retailers. The book will also be available via this website and through The World Community for Christian Meditation.

Have a look at the blog for a ‘sneak peek’: An Ox-Herding Update.

The Ten Bull (or Ox Herding) Pictures were created in China in the twelfth century as a guide for the Zen journey to enlightenment.

This book is for anyone with an interest in dialogue between Christianity and Zen Buddhism.

The book is for people who may not be familiar with the practical nature of Christian spirituality. The Bull Pictures are used as a way into this practicality. It is a practicality that is, like Zen, here and now.

The book is also intended as a brief introduction into what contemplative Christianity, meditation, and contemplation are, providing another entry point into this richness.


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