Meditatio House

What is Meditatio House?

Meditatio House, formerly in London England, was a home to a small residential community, and a larger non-residential network, of Christian meditators. The house was closed during March of 2019.

Residents came to live at the house for shorter or longer periods. Some came as interns. Others came to do all or part of their Oblate novitiate before returning home. It was hoped that all left with a deepened practice of meditation and more to share with others in their national communities.

See here for more information about WCCM oblates.

A wider network of younger meditators met regularly at the house for meditation and dinner together, as well as for monthly day retreats.

The posts on this blog under the title ‘A Meditatio Experience’ were written during a time of living at the house from 2014 to 2016. These posts can be found by searching the blog category ‘A Meditatio Experience’.