It seems that, for as long as I can remember, I have always had a sense of a presence within me that somehow includes me and yet is also more than me. If this sounds to you somewhat irrational, well I agree. At one level it does not make rational sense. At another level sense is all it can make.

I have found a home in a spiritual tradition that says intellect is intellect and the heart is the heart. One cannot be the other. The intellect is that part of us that does the thinking, the imagining, the wondering, the word tinkering. It is curious about the world. The heart is that part of us which defies direct measurement. It is that part of us which holds our mysterious name, the one given to us by that which reveals itself as uncreated love. The intellect attempts to name what the heart knows unknowingly.

So what is this blog about, mostly?

My Christian heritage says the heart is the place of our deepest identity as Self and in God. Today’s age would seem to say that we are first people of intellect, of rationality. It is my contention, and the contention of many, that ‘top-heavy’ wonderings can only get us so far. There may come a time for each of us when the rational will come to its impasse and the heart will invite our awareness deeper into consciousness. In the centre of consciousness, at the heart of things, it is there where we will experience not a heart of darkness but a heart of being. For the Christian the Being of Christ lives here at this centre calling our restless awareness home to ourselves and God. This movement of awareness is the journey of our lives. Once awareness unites with this Self of the heart and this Christ of our longings, then human experience comes to reside in its own context. We discover we are made for love and that we do not make love. The Christian gift to human life is discovered: love is uncreated and you are made to co-create with it. The way of co-creation is also the way of our healing.

I have found a home for my Christian humanity as an Oblate of the World Community for Christian Meditation. My life as an Oblate and my meditation practice will influence a lot of posts on this blog.

Like all of us I am on this journey between birth and death. On this journey I am discovering that death is part of life, that life can depend on death, and that love saturates all.

This blog is my intellect’s limited, poor attempt to point a finger at the unknowable. It does so through the delicate choosing of words. As graced experience breaks through into consciousness, may my unknowable heart inform the choosing.

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