Book Review. ‘Ways Of Attending: How Our Divided Brain Constructs the World’ (Iain McGilChrist, 2019)

This post was first published as a book review on the World Community for Christian Meditation international website. The WCCM

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Practicing Gentleness: Meditation and Passing Through the Crowd

This is the third and final part of notes that were prepared for an online Younger Christian Meditators retreat day contucted on June 20, 2020.

Bonnevaux: The Walls of the Monastery Without Walls

Recently, on his blog, Fr. Laurence Freeman wrote about the “patterns and resonances in life, personal and communal, luring [us]

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Meditatio House: Goodbye, Farewell, and Community

After calling London home for the last two years I now find myself back in Australia. My time at Meditatio

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Meditatio House: Woundedness and Essential Goodness

Here on the blog things have been a bit quiet of late. Attention has been elsewhere. The house community has

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