The River and the Bridge VIII

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If our experience of Love is to be true and full, it will be about more than just our own self. Love is forgetful of self and is happy to be so. The flowering of this self-forgetful Love in our lives happens only because of Love’s presence and activity.

For all of us some self-focus is a part or our living into Love and is necessary. We are human after all. However self-focus is not the natural end point of Love. Love’s nature is one of other-centered expression and care. Compulsed self-focus is loved by Love however it is not of Love.

If we do find it a challenge to look beyond our own lives and challenges, then perhaps this is because Love has not yet finished with its other-centered focus on us. This is okay. It’s a dynamic that will last – to some extent – for all of our lives. At these times we are invited by Love to practice the opening of our humanity to the action of Love. This opening is a natural human response which Love itself can help us with. With time and healing, we find ourselves joining more and more with Love’s other-focus and embrace of the world. Our attention finds a natural home in Love’s other-focus because we are created by this Love and for this Love.


On the walk back from the bridge

I feel deep contentment.

The River of Love flows deeply within,

Filling vulnerable places.


Soon I flow with Love for the people around me.

At Mass the old priest forgets the words

And anxiety spreads across his face.

I see this and my heart fills with Love for him.


I see an old woman walk slowly across the lawn.

I stop ready to help.

Love flows from my heart,

A love for her and the dignity of her years.


I see beauty with blue-grey eyes.

In the silence she sits next to me,

And the longing for companionship grows.

Amid this longing, Love for her flows.


I look upon all those with me,

I smile and tears well in my eyes.

This is how God looks upon us every moment of our lives: with nothing but Love.

God is Love

And there is nothing to fear.