The Advent We Never Know

Advent, in the Christian calendar, is a time of waiting, a waiting for the advent (or arrival) of Jesus on

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Practicing Gentleness: Meditation and Passing Through the Crowd

This is the third and final part of notes that were prepared for an online Younger Christian Meditators retreat day contucted on June 20, 2020.

Insight, Being, and the Heart (Part Two)

Lately I have been finding that some things have been getting in the way of discerning, or being, with insight.

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Insight, Being, and the Heart (Part One)

“…then it becomes apparent how the minds insights arise out of the heart’s adventures, how insight comes from going through

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Meditation Creates Community: A Day Together (Part 2)

Our retreat day notes continued (from part 1): In prayer, grace quietly and gently heals the ego. Ego is then,

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