The River and the Bridge II

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Here is the second part of The River and the Bridge. This section introduces us to a nearby bridge. This bridge stands in contrast to the valley that it rises above. The bridge is quite substantial – it carries a major motorway known as the M5. While the river and its valley are about being and living with God, the bridge (standing so far above and distant) is about the times when we attempt to live without including Divine Love in our conscious lives. When we do this it couldĀ  mean ego is for some reason afraid. When I am in this pattern of fearful distance I can often become overly rational, thinking too much about questions best answered in the actual living of a human life with God.


Bellbirds vie with car tyres.

Straight across, up and down, and in the distance,

Stands the bridge.

With legs hewn deep into the earth

It spans this valley of vulnerable embrace,

Majestic lines sailing above a living reach.

The bridge is a creation of rational strength,

Strong enough it seems to out-will the strongest wind,

Dug deep enough to out-manoeuvre the river itself.

It stands apart from the embrace below.

Sometimes I stand apart from the embrace below.

Fearing the risk I think vulnerability contains,

I prefer a straight driving course,

An outward appearance of strength.