The River and the Bridge III

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If God is real and God is Love, then God lives in us as Love. In our deepest places, we long for this Love. Divine Love is stronger than fear. If we dare allow ourselves to be open to this Love it can stir a longing and restlessness that fear cannot satisfy. Fear can stop us from opening our hearts and minds, from even knowing how to open. It can contribute to a lack of trust and believe in God, ourselves, others, life itself. If God is real and God is Love, well what will this Love ask of us?


From grey to green, to yellow, to silver, to gold,

The river’s reflection is a welcome, an invitation to its depths.

Through its being it announces a more humble way:

Lose your willfulness,

Let Love flow gently into the cracks and crevices of your heart.

Oh River of Love what will you ask of me?

What will it cost me to flow more deeply in Your ways?

I am afraid.

What will Love ask of me?