A Man of White

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Hanging from a tree among the trees – a man of white.

Such blue surrounds us.

Leaves gently move on a soft breeze.


I look to him.

Hard, dirty suffering – when will it end?

Comfort comes, comfort of a human solidarity now divine.


You draw my attention inwards to you.

Gently and wonderfully I feel isolation become compassion within.

You make the death of suffering a new life thing.


A Crow lands, bearing witness to change.

Black is mind accepting its place.

Black is the light of your presence.


This man of white hangs before me.

My master, my brother, my friend.

He asks that compassion become an energy of loving embrace.


He is love in my deepest place.

That ‘no-place’ that intellect tries to claim

But does not understand.


The white man, hanging, claims this ‘no-place’

Gives it freely to me.

It was there all along.


Live from that hidden place

Where the white man hangs no more.

Let his compassion be yours.