The River and the Bridge VI

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Sometimes we can over think things. Sometimes the best thing to do is to just let something be, to simply experience something without searching for some deeper meaning or intent. Perhaps a meaning will reveal itself only later as life is lived.

Sometimes a mind caught up in creating meaning and purpose by itself can miss the deeper meaning and purpose within an experience. This something deeper has a life and timing all its own. A life lived with spirit is about learning and living into this deeper life and timing. Sometimes a pre-emptive curiosity, a prideful ego, anxiousness or fear can all stop the head and the heart from working together.

Spiritual life and timing is about the head and heart working together. It is part of the graced journey towards wholeness, towards integration.


In the day that follows, the experience of Love at the river begins to engage my curious mind.

‘What does it mean?’

‘What will happen now?’

‘Did that really happen?’

Curious consciousness seeks to know.

With mind seeking its own answers

I slowly begin to wonder apart from Love.

I lose touch with the valley and my heart.

Mind falls from the present moment.

Unanswerable wonderings move beyond the light of grace.

They become ‘I don’t know’.

‘I don’t know’ feeds doubt.

This doubt, now apart from Love, feeds fear.

I withdraw again with fear to the bridge of rational mind

To analyse new uncertainty at a ‘safe’ distance.